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    If you are the admin, please setup "all events" page in backend.

    Your Events on Sorteer

    Make sure your event is listed on Sorteer, it’s free.

    1. Check if your event is already listed on Sorteer CATALOG.
    2. If you find it and you like it, you can let us know, we always appreciate your feedback. If you want us to remove your event from our site, you can also let us know.
    3. If you cannot find your event, please send us the URL of your event and we’ll take care of the rest and list it on Sorteer. You can also create an account and manage your event directly on Sorteer.

    Keep in touch by creating your account on Sorteer, it’s free.

    1. You will have access to your private backoffice and you will be able to review and update your events listed on Sorteer.
    2. You will be able to manage reservations to your free events or sell tickets to your pay events.

    Manage reservations to your free events, it’s free.

    1. Create your event with our very simple wizard, the number of seats and you’re ready to manage your event reservations.
    2. Download the app to control the entrances or print the list from your backoffice.
    3. Export your reports and contact lists.

    Sell tickets, we have one if not the lowest fee on the market:

    1. Sorteer fee is on top of the ticket price and is really low, give a look: $1 per ticket, that’s all!
    2. Then we charge the Stripe Fee (payment processor): $0.30 + 2.9% per order.
    3. If you find cheaper, please let us know.
    4. You will set up your Stripe account in a minute under the Sorteer Marketplace and then you will receive the money from your tickets as soon as they are sold, directly on your Bank account.
    5. All your events, sales reports and Stripe account are available from your Sorteer backoffice.. Download the app, insert our Ticket Widget on your website or connect your Sorteer private URL from your website. Sales reports, checklists and contact lists are also available.
    6. Always feel free to contact us for question and support.
    7. Your events have visibility in front of the French speakers and French learners community.
    8. We can specifically promote events. Please contact us for more information.


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